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A Day in the Life of Wade A Day in the Life of Wade

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... you even spelled "own" wrong. =P

Television responds:

Idiot. Learn something about the internet before going on it again.


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That was hilarious

I loved that he grew up with Vader on TV and he protested Vader in his angsty years...
That was really clever and your style made it adorable at the same time.

Ninja Turtles Ninja Turtles

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Whoa nostalgia!

This was really neat. Its rare that claymation things actually look like what they're supposed to be, especially on this site. I love when the atatcked the pizza boy. That really made my day.

"target practice" W.W.W "target practice" W.W.W

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Absolutely Wonderful!

This is PERFECT! TJeff did it for attention because he was made fun of, and now we can mock him even in death! The @ss deserves it! I am adding this movie to my favorites right now. The brilliance! Not only is he *really* burning in hell right now, this is a way to show the consequence of what he did to the immature children here that don't really understand it. So what, we've all been made fun of, but now this guy isn't even around to defend himself because of his own moronic actions! This better get front page, cause I'm loveing this >:)

"Target Practice" "Target Practice"

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We don't feel bad for you...

You made this cry for help and then you denied it when someone tried to point it out. You killed more people than your character did. The only audience this was intended for was really yourself, because you enjoyed drawing every frame, thinking of how it was going to be. You are the deepest kind of scum that could exist. You are no better than your hero, Hitler, because you made the impure Natives your targets. You thought you were a freedom fighter, but you weren't. The only freedom you affected was the freedom of life previously enjoyed by the people you destroyed. You killed your own descendants because you thought they stood in the way of this goal. The liberal media cries out for you, because of a tragic childhood. Your behavior is excused and you are now a martyr for elitest Native Americans.

Everyday I watch my country unravel, strand by strand. The most basic freedom is being diminished... the freedom to live without fear of threat or death... and so the media tells us that racism is okay, as long as its not against a minority. Your death was tragic.

... I think I'm going to be sick.

Dad's Home Dad's Home

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I liked the beginning...

I liked the beginning because it was truly random. I've seen many "and he rocks out and saves the day" endings, and I think the F-Zero song was a poor choice anyway.
I've watched this flash 11 times, but only all the way through once.
The last good scene was when he did the tablecloth trick. It goes downhill from there and is not very funny, and a sort of unsatisfying ending for how great the beginning was. It seems like you just ran out of ideas and pulled the ending from the sitcom ending hat. I'm definitely not saying that the movie should have ended in a long matrix style fight or anything, I just think he would have to have done random stuff before tiring himself out... and I did not get the impression that he was going to just cop out and rock. For how original the beginning was, I'm just dissappointed about the resolution.

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Legendary Tales 1-4 Legendary Tales 1-4

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Middle Square

You forgot to have Ark jumping back to middle square like noobs always do on DDR... What mix of butterfly is that?

I miss you Daddy I miss you Daddy

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Made me cry.

That guy et-t, underneath me is a heartless jackass. He's just trying to get a rise by quoting up stereotypes. Everytime I hear Americans are fat blah blah blah a take a look around at the skinny freaks (including myself) my art school, particularly the vegans who look like they've escaped nazi internment camps.
I'll agree though that the concept was really good, just the style is really seen before and could use work. I'm just glad the guy under me can't vote in America...

man vs ape (optimized) man vs ape (optimized)

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That was funny

I laughed out loud. Stupid activists...

Pee-Man Vs. Poo-Man Pee-Man Vs. Poo-Man

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Wow, that was just... wow...